Zelda II: The Adventure of Link


Title Screen

Where and when did you first play this game?  

I originally played Zelda 2 in 1988 when it was released for the NES in the US.  I remember seeing a small section of Nintendo Power mentioning the Zelda: Second Quest, the direct sequel to the Legend of Zelda.  The LoZ was already a NES legend (of Zelda) so I remember how excited I was about this new game.  I mean, I LOVED the LoZ for the NES and had played it several times through, so more of Link vs. Gannon couldn’t have been a bad thing, right? I mean how could they fuck it up?

How many times have you played this game?  Have you replayed the game since you first played it?

I’ve only played this game once completely all the way through.  I just remember how difficult this game was, especially after the first game, because while LoZ worked you into the game play, Zelda 2, just kinda threw you into the water to see if you could sink or swim.  I thought it was just me, but I’ve read some articles online about how uneven the game was especially in the earlier stages of the game.  I think the Angry Video Game Nerd said it best, that you are launched into Death Mountain before you’ve completed half the game, and that was the final stage of the original LoZ.  WTF!

I did get the game for the Game Boy Advanced and started playing through it again, but at some point, I got tired of looking at the little screen!  And as I recall, the Death Mountain part was kicking my ass!

What is it about this game that you loved?

Yeah, I think this was my least favorite Zelda game I played, but I’ve only played 3 of them.  There have many, many Zelda games, all with different styles, stories and good moments, but I loved the explanation of the overhead world, which was a lot more consistent with games like Dragon Warrior or Final Fantasy, which I think I’d played both of them before I played Zelda 2.  I started playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time at the suggestion of a friend from work, and I wasn’t really impressed and stopped playing it because I got frustrated with the game play style.

What is the best (or worst) moment in this game? Or what about this game made it memorable? 

Umm.. Geez. I’m not sure there’s really anything super memorable about this game, in my option.  I do remember the final dungeon of the game, being very difficult and having to play threw from the beginning of the level to the end, where you fight with your fuckin’ shadow.  It was really difficult because it was an marathon to get to through the maze only to get to the final dungeon, and best your shadow who was very good at matching you every move.    And if you die in the dungeon, you have to start all the way back at the Zelda shine.  Ugh, very frustrating.

Is there a special story about this game?  Maybe an event in your life or some thing memorable you associate with this game?

One of the things I do remember about this game was the article from Nintendo Power was maybe a year before the game came out in the U.S. and it keep getting pushed back and back.  But when the article was out there, I told my dad I need to final this game, and we drove around a Genessee Valley Mall looking for it, only for to him to realize that it wasn’t even out yet!  LOL, opps.

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